Located in a warehouse of number 51, the brand idea begins as a textile experimentation studio, a creative space focused on the development and application of processing techniques, especially dyeing techniques.

Naturally, Galpão 51 evolved to create its own product, which soon became popular with "cariocas"; locals of Rio de Janeiro.

Since then, we started to work on our own product with freedom and a lot of creativity. Our main differential is the use of manual techniques, which enable the creation of unique products.

We are concerned with stimulating local production, selecting suppliers and employees who share our values.

We also seek to train and integrate our team with residents from nearby locations, maintaining a bond of positive exchanges with our community.

We believe in the originality of the classic Brazilian bikini, but with its own identity, alive and pulsating. Our essence is in craftsmanship, where each piece is made with love and dedication. 

Manually manufactured

Our production process is entirely manual. Each product goes through stages of manufacture, tying and dyeing, resulting in a unique identity. We value the human and caring touch of our team.

Our process goes through the stages of creation, development and production, all linked to the human factor. Here, we take into account the entire chain of relationships that production involves.

The choice of raw material, modeling, cutting, sewing, processing, photography, everything depends on the creativity, work and dedication of our team and employees. To exemplify this positioning, we summarize here one of our main processes, tie-dye dyeing: each product, individually, must go through the manual steps of tying and dyeing which, depending on the colors and prints desired, will have to be repeated for more than one time. This process, despite being costly, involves the work of several artisans and results in a unique product.

Bem estar da Galpão

CNPJ: 13.540.478/0001-56
Razão Social: Galpão 51 Confecção de Roupas LTDA
CAIXA POSTAL: Rua São Luiz Gonzaga 501
São Cristóvão , Rio de Janeiro RJ

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Jardim Botânico

GALPÃO 51 Store

R. Lópes Quintas 46, 2º floor,  Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22460-012

Opening hours; Monday to Friday: 10h - 18h.

+55 (21) 2494-2706



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Casa de Praia Melissa + Ipanema

Rua São Benedito 23, Store 2, Centro, Ilhabela - SP, 11630-000

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+55 (12) 3896-1986



Amaro Guide Shop Parkshopping Brasília

SAI/SO Área 6589, s/n - Parkshopping Brasilia, Nível Terreo, Store 134/135

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Amaro Guide Shop Salvador Shopping

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Taipu Bay Pousada

Rua dos Corais s/n, Lot. Praia Bela de Taipu, Qd. K1 Lote 3 - Taipu de Fora

Península de Maraú, Bahia.

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Amaro Guide Shop Rio Mar Recife

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